Friday, December 26, 2014

Mauritius 2014: General Election Results

Yesterday, Thursday 11 December 2014, people of Mauritius and Rodrigues followed live on TV and several private and national radio/s the results of the general elections in all 21 circumscriptions till late at night. The results came as a surprise. There have been 10 elections since the independence – 1976-2010, and since then there was never such a low level of participation from voters as witnessed yesterday for these general elections 2014. And this despite the dominance of the two main great political blocs in the electoral campaign, with private, regional and national meetings! We learnt that the two main alliances, the PTR/MMM Alliance and also the People’s Alliance (MSM/PMSD/ML) spent a little more than 73 million rupees in only 2 months of electoral campaign.

When one hears about the course of the electoral campaign, especially between the two political adversary blocs, there was the display of hatred and other vulgarities. In many places political agents have been spoiled rotten with free provision of food and alcoholic drinks, and they got several fuel bonds so that they may use their cars (for the electoral campaign). They abused of such monies and enjoyed a lot, spreading money like confetti (that is, spending money in vain things).

Therefore, I come back today on the dream that I made prior to the fixed date for the general elections. I dreamt of Sir Anerood Jugnauth in a beautiful coat, very chic and he was in the car with me and I was asking him several questions. When I enquired with him about Paul Raymond Berenger, he told me that he was not a traitor, and it was a strategy which he used when he decided to walk with the Labour Party (PTR); what I omitted to say (publicly) is that in the dream I told him: “Oh, it is to remove Navin Ramgoolam as the Prime Minister and the useless people around him who used their power ruthlessly against the people (of Mauritius)!”

Now, I relate to you a recent Vision (Kashaf) which overcame me on the 07 December 2014. On that day the two main political blocs held there grand meetings before the elections of 10 December 2014. It was after Namaz Zuhr and Asr, and I was in my office looking for my driving license when suddenly I felt very weak and I had to sit down a bit when suddenly this vision overcame me. The vision lasted 15-20 minutes. I was shown many heads of the Labour Party were falling down and when the vision ended, I understood that in response to the prayers that I made since a long time now against this ruthless Government which is making the people suffer, thus I came to know (there and then) what shall happen to them in the coming elections. And on the spot, a thought crossed my mind that the Mauritian Militant Movement shall not also be spared – when one walks with dirt, one is bound to get the bad odour of that dirt around him – and it is verily what happened!

Paul Berenger was on a good track when the Remake with Sir Anerood Jugnauth was on, to remove this country from ruin, but afterwards he let himself be tempted with what Navin Ramgoolam promised him. Now, upon forming their alliance, both of them, great political parties, yet they underestimated the People’s Alliance (MSM/PMSD/ML) as a bloc of little parties with very little percentage of voters in their favour. Never underestimate a small group or boast about one’s greatness and capacity, thus displaying arrogance. Allah says in the Holy Quran that a little group (or army) can beat a big group.

Huzur (atba) explained also on the fact the Sir Aneerood Jugnauth have recently referred to Goliath in an interview, like in the Holy Quran (where David killed Goliath)). Moreover, Huzur (atba) drew the attention of the congregation that in such situations, especially in the times of a prophet of Allah, obedience to Allah and His prophet is Key (Capital). The Messenger of Allah is not raised by men, not elected by men, but it is Allah who raises His Messenger. Then Huzur (atba) related about what happened in the battle of Uhud. He said that the victory of the Muslims was assured; it was a won battle; yet just because of a little disobedience, when the Holy Prophet (pbuh) told some Muslims to stay in their position of battle, but the latter upon seeing the disbelievers retreating with defeat fought that they already won and disobeyed. The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) knew why he told them not to leave their positions, but when they disobeyed, the enemies of Islam used that same route to come back to attack the Muslims.

Here is the results which we received for the elections: People’s Alliance obtained 47 elected members of parliament (out of 60) and the MMM/PTR Alliance obtained only 13 members elected to serve as members of the Assembly (MMM: 9; PTR: 4). Their electoral prognostic 60-0 went in vain! And in Rodrigues, the two candidates of the OPR were elected.

On the other hand, the now freshly elected Government – MSM/PMSD/ML, just before the elections have made lots of promises to the electorate. I hope that they respect their promises and that these were not mere empty words to trick the electorate into voting them. They have made many promises. The list is too long. When addressing the position of the People’s Alliance, Huzur (atba) says that he is making a prophecy that if the People’s Alliance have acted treacherously and are not planning to respect their promises, then definitely it shall be not too long before Allah seize them and humiliate them.

I hope that Sir Anerood Jugnauth, the Leader of the People’s Alliance is a man of honour who keeps his word. But I have to say that I appreciate his courage to have come back in the political arena at the age of 85. He is in politics since 1963, and he served several times as Prime Minister and also President of the Republic of Mauritius. It was on the advice of Paul Berenger that he left his post as president and came in the political arena at such an advanced age and now he is elected at top of the list and he presented himself as the new Prime Minister. This situation never occurred in Mauritius before today.

I forgot to mention that the ex-Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam was not elected at all. He came at fourth position in his own circumscription and the arrogant people (his candidates) around him also were not elected. There are in all only 4 candidates of the Labour Party (PTR) who were elected in the overall circumscriptions where there were the MMM candidates. As for the Leader of the MMM, Paul Berenger, he successful secured (was elected in) the third position. The two candidates who topped him were those of the People’s Alliance.

Therefore, look what happened to them. As for Mr. Paul Berenger, despite the two emails and a letter which I sent him, he did not listen to the advices therein, and at the last minute he regretted having rejected my advices. But it is too late! 

He nearly missed being elected, but my family is witness how we woke up early to pray Allah to save the honour of that defender of justice and to enable him to get elected. Alhamdulillah, he was elected, whereas his two colleagues/friends/candidates did not succeed, and this Allah showed how He saved him with the duahs which we made. 

- Extracts from the Friday Sermon of 12 December 2014 ~(19 Safar 1436 Hijri)- delivered by the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius.