Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Remembering the "Seal of Prophets"

A seal sets a distinction from all other things. Now a Seal among humans and prophets bring about the exquisite perfection of such a being without whom, the example of leader and follower would be in vain. A true leader is the one who not only guides his people in the right path, but also set examples for them to follow; such examples which are priceless if only these peoples put those actions into motion. The followership emotion derived from such leadership is simply amazing and beyond definition.

If the Quran is a Book sent to mankind; not only Muslims, then Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is also not only a prophet for the Muslims alone. As a Bringer of good news and a Warner he came like his brethrens from among the prophets of the past, including his ancestor and patriarch Abraham (uhbp) to preach the words of God Almighty so that humankind may reform and connect with their Maker. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) came as a light to shed to pieces the darkness of unfaith and immorality.

Talking and writing about him is not enough. Each Muslim and seeker of truth has the duty to study his life and derive the great teachings he taught for the perfecting of their own person, be it at physical, moral and spiritual level. The teachings of Muhammad (pbuh) are not new ones. All prophets of God preached the same message and all these divine prophets received their share of sorrows at the hands of their own people.

If we are alive today, it means we have a duty towards our Maker and the Creator and Sender of the prophets so that we may put into practice the one vital message they gave to their respective nations and mankind, to turn in repentance to the Lord of the Worlds without whom we are nothing, without Whom we would be annihilated, especially in the present age we are living where chaos has surrendered the world from all fronts.

Oh Muslims and Oh my fellow brothers, sisters and children of the various faiths, let us be one for God Almighty, if not for our own sake, let it be for the sake of that God who sent your prophets and mine, such prophets whom Muslims have the absolute need to believe in, as this constitutes our faith: to believe in all the prophets of God Almighty. Let us be one for the One who sent us for a limited time on earth. Each of us has a mission, and as soon as our work is accomplished we shall depart from this world and leave it empty, for riches are nothing. Only our deeds and intentions are to serve as our treasures in the balance of life.

May God Almighty enable us to be as He wants us to be and save us from the afflictions of life. Ameen.

Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib,  18 January 2014: LE SOCIALISTE, Mauritius