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Egypt: Democracy in Peril

In an official statement issued on August 15, 2013 the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius expresses deep concern at the on-going military strife in Egypt which has imperilled a democratically elected government and has unleashed bloodshed on the streets and calls upon the international community to stand up for “justice and peace, not injustice and chaos” in these troubled times.  

Read the Official Statement below:
As the Khalifatullah of this era and the head of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam International, I condemn any coup d’├ętat in Egypt – following the clashes between the military and supporters of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi – which have already caused over 2200 deaths and over 10,000 wounded. I strongly condemn the violence in Egypt. As a spiritual leader I believe in democratic values ​​and condemn any such type of revolution. Indeed Mr. Mohamed Morsi was democratically elected.

The interim president appointed by the anti-Morsi, Adly Mansour declared a state of emergency two weeks ago which will extend over a period of one month and it follows the bloodshed that took place after the intervention of forces to dislodge the pro-Morsi Islamist protesters of Cairo.

The Acting President did not fail to say that he specifically instructed the armed forces in cooperation with the police to take all necessary measures to maintain security and order and protect public and private property of the citizens. These actions were strongly condemned by the international community. The United States has even decided to get tough and even brandished the threat to revise its annual aid of $ 1.55 billion that it usually gives to Egypt. Much of the budget is usually devoted to the Egyptian military.

I ask the Mauritian government and all governments around the world to take a strong stand against the military coup and publicize this position internationally.

I also condemn the silence of the UN and international opinion which would have acted if such an event would have occurred in Africa or in Latino America. Mr. Mohamed Morsi must not only be released but also regain his presidential status. I also condemn the massacre which took place on 14 August, causing 1000 deaths and thousands injured.

I want to raise everyone’s awareness about the “double standard” of the U.S. authorities and ask the Mauritian population not to support their actions. If the spoken language is democratic, then the action must also be democratic. The Egyptian people elected a man, its worldly representative, then why the world insists on closing the mouth of democracy in Egypt? Democracy is not restricted to a country, but is for all countries that promotes freedom of expression and the human rights of their citizens. If the Egyptian people decided who will be its president, then the world should respect its decision. How the U.S. would feel if after electing its man to hold seat in government, a coup d’├ętat is done by an external or even internal group and steals its sovereignty from the hands of the Americans to choose whom they want to elect?

Then the citizens of Mauritius, U.S., Egypt and the world must think before it is too late for the culprits and their associates. Humanitarian aid is an act of kindness for God and for peace between countries, not to make slaves and victims of blackmail! If the intention is dirty, then the consequences of the guilty will be very serious. Give up, O ye guilty to scheming to control the world your way. Guard the part of the territories that were given to you for a limited time. Do not go beyond limit for then the wrath of God will come upon you.

America and the American President are moving beyond the bounds in their thoughts and actions. If the malicious thinks he will be safe, then let him remove from the head this idea for soon the Almighty God of heaven and earth will seize him and shall inflict upon him the punishment he deserves. Then, O you who are gifted with two eyes and two ears, do justice and peace, not injustice and chaos. You are only temporary on this earth, and one day will come when you will be back before the Creator to make specific and severe accounts on your stupid and selfish and satanic thoughts, such thoughts that prevent you from restoring peace between your brothers of the human race, wherever they are.

Munir A. Azim
Hazrat Muhyi-ud-Din Khalifatullah

Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam                                                                                                               
15 August 2013


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