Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Culture of Indecency and the Sexual Crimes

In the context of rising incidences of violence against women and other sex-related crimes, including rape and killings, the prevailing culture of indecency and the commodification of women’s body are at the center of the debate. Indeed, the connections are hard to miss except for those who are happy to fool themselves. In the name of western values and woman’s freedoms, technology and innovation, fashion and aesthetics, the weeds of immorality and indecency have been allowed to grow and thrive unchecked in media and the public sphere. So much so that the new culture of indecency is striking at the very roots of the societal health. The indecent representation of women in popular culture and social media, in television and over internet, the easy access to pornographic materials- all these are leading to the incitement to evil and more evil.

In his Friday Sermon of May 03, 2013 the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius drew attention to the rising instances of rape and other violence against women in Mauritius and elsewhere. Instead of protecting the honour and dignity of women, the social culture of our times, exploit and dishonour them and degrade their status. The dehumanization of this culture of indecency is so complete that animal passions have blinded the perpetrators to the horrific and brutal nature of their crimes. Indecency has become so pervasive and percolated down to the very edifice of family that, as the Khalifatullah (atba) notes in the Friday Sermon, many of the old women victims have their perpetrators in their own families and close relations. While the recent instances of rape and other sexual crimes in Mauritius only confirm the predictions and warnings clearly made by the Khalifatullah (atba) in his end- of- the- year- 2012 speech, one can only hope and pray that better sense will prevail and that the people will move away from the brink of disaster.

Read the Extracts from the Friday Sermon:

…Now I shall talk on the recent events which have happened in our small island. Prophecy has been made on 30 December 2012 and there was the mention of rape also in Mauritius and the world. The number of rape cases is increasing in the different countries of the world, in America, the so-called superpower and the incredible increase in the number of rapes in Mauritius since the beginning of 2013, from January to April.

Rape is another sexual crime which is committed with violence. In the industrialised countries in Europe, the number of rape cases is elevated. These so-called civilised countries which are fighting for the freedom of women, there itself immorality is rampant. Incredible what is happening in Mauritius. If today we witness an increase in the number of rape cases in Mauritius, it is because indecency is widespread. There are indecent photos or cinema posters which are exposed everywhere and all these incite to evil and there is also all the indecent television ads which are now being broadcasted in Mauritius. Moreover, there are the availability of porno films everywhere, not just in video clubs but also self-made porno films by individuals (of all ages) and which are made available via mobiles. Furthermore, nowadays, with the new fashion trends of ladies and young girls, with all kinds of fashion shows which are being shown, it is verily not ‘fashion’ shows but rather ‘indecency’ shows. All these kinds of shows are only a means to exploit women, to dishonour them and remove their dignity.

In the course of the year 2013, there has been several cases of rapes, violent ones, but due to lack of time, I cannot enumerate in full details those rapes which are happening in small Mauritius. I shall cite only a few.

1. Saturday 20 April 2013: A woman aged 70 was rape by her nephew Terry Quint, aged 18. The latter and his friend kidnapped the victim and took her in the woods at Colonel Dean, Black River. His friend was first to commit the evil deed, and then the nephew. 

2. Sunday 21 April 2013: A woman aged 69, living in Rose-Hill was sexually aggressed and rape by the tenant of her brother at night and the accused is someone by the name of Samuel Guy Perrine, aged 37.

3. Monday 22 April 2013: A man by the name of Sooriadeo Cheentamun, aged 25 violently raped an 80 years old lady at Camp Fouquereaux and afterwards, he killed her.

Due to lack of time, I shall stop here, but Insha-Allah I shall come back again on the subject of fraud and corruption which are in full swing in Mauritius. Surprisingly, it is not the ordinary poor people who are doing such frauds, but rather it is the big men, the leaders, like lawyer, solicitor, police inspector and other policemen, and priests, politicians and even 5 people from the anti-corruption body (ICAC).

There is the need to mention also the increase in crimes in Mauritius, also, suicide, rising cost of living, price of fuel – petrol and diesel taking the rise, rapidly!

And today, it is sad for us to hear the news of the great deadly bus accident (CNT, Blue Line) which happened this morning, 03 May 2013, whereby all passengers were injured, among whom 10-11 died.

The situation of Mauritius is critical, and it is indeed a favour which the Mauritians got that there is a Messenger of Allah among them and who gave them warnings. The prophecy has been made on 30 December 2012 and in 4 months, many things happened, and that in record time because they turned their backs to the divine message and Allah has not delayed in making the Mauritian people taste the consequences of their acts. We have roughly 7-8 months to go before the end of 2013, and I, the servant of Allah, I shall continue to give the message which I receive from Allah, message which come through the Holy Spirit (Ruh-il-Quddus), be it to the Mauritians, and also the other people in the world. My mission and message shall continue. Then, either you obey the message and repent or you turn your back, but then your consequences shall be grievous. May Allah the Almighty open all hearts so that they may understand the message, Insha-Allah.