Monday, August 15, 2011

Mujaddid of the Last Millennium-II

As argued in the First Part, the idea that Hadhrat Ahmad (as) is the Last Mujaddid and that there can be no Mujaddid after him is a view that has no evidentiary basis in the perspective and belief of the Promised Massih (as) himself. Then, the question is: 

Why do Ahmadis hold such a view?As the Holy Qur'an asks: "Do their intellect and reason enjoin this upon them or are they a rebellious people?" [52: 33].

The only plausible answer is that they merely follow certain statements issued and opinions expressed by the Ahmadiyya Khulafa in the past. Out of deference for, and veneration of, the Khulafa, they simply endorse what they are told without thinking about their spiritual validity or examining their doctrinal content.  In short, they are just pursuing the path of the previous generations who preferred conjectures, instead of the certain knowledge encompassed in the Divine message of the day.

It is interesting to note that Ahmadis are making the same mistakes against which the Promised Massih (as) used to warn the Muslim leadership of the day: clinging to the apparent meaning of certain prophetic traditions that metaphorically prevented the raising of Prophets after the Holy Prophet (sa). Indeed even today, clinging to such literal phrases and spiritual metaphors, the Muslim world opposes the coming of Prophets after the Holy Prophet of Islam.Indeed, “the Promised Massih (as) said that at the time of arrival of Prophets, people generally adopt two types of attitudes in spiritual matters: They apply metaphors to spiritual Reality and interpret Reality as Metaphor” (Urdu- Malfuzat, Volume 1, Page 586).

The Promised Massih (as) repeatedly cited the Holy Qur’an to bulldoze all such resistance- including by way of Prophetic traditions- to the coming of Elects of Allah in the Ummah Muhammadiyya. Even the authentic statements of the Holy Prophet (sa) have to be interpreted in the light of the Holy Qur’an and they cannot be used as a pretext to oppose a Messenger of Allah. The Promised Massih (as) asked: "Why don’t they leave aside their false viewpoints? Do they have any contract with Allah that ‘He will do only what they desire’? Allah is Most Holy, the Exalted! "He cannot be questioned as to what He does, but they will be questioned". (HQ, 21:24)

Today, Ahmadis have a desire: that Divine message should come through only the leader that they have elected for themselves and given the title of Khalifa. And that elected Khulafa will continue to exist till the Day of Judgement just as Christian Khilafat is continuing among Christians. Such a man-elected system will be oliged to show humility before the Divine Will when Allah decides to favour any one of his righteous servants with the blessing of Divine revelation. 

And since Allah did not consider their wish in raising a Messenger of His in the era, they have refused to accept the Messenger, citing like the Muslims of the past, the new fig leaf: Mujaddid of the Millennium! The Musleh Maoud (ra) found nothing wrong and is on record stating his belief that thousands of Prophets can come in the future.

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If not even a Mujaddid can come for a Millennium (and that too in the last Millennium before the Day of Judgement), how can one realistically believe in the coming of Prophets? What will happen to all those verses in the Qur’an that promises the blessing of prophethood till the Day of Judgement? Will the Ahmadis leave aside their conjectures and come back to the Qur’anic teachings?

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