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Persecution of Ahmadis in Indonesia

The on-going campaign in Indonesia, to ban and persecute the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community underscores the challenges facing the nation in protecting human rights, forging a secular identity and strengthening the spirit of democracy and rule of law. It is worth recalling that freedom of belief is a fundamental human right, guaranteed by the Indonesian Constitution, and no citizen can be denied this right on the grounds of his or her beliefs. Any thinking citizen would agree that as a religious order, the Ahmadiyya has every right to preach and propagate all of its doctrines and beliefs. It is immaterial for a secular state whether the beliefs or ritual practices may or may not conform to the beliefs and practices of the other denominations in Islam.
The religio-political campaign obviously seeks to discredit the teachings of the Ahmadiyya community and to call attention to the "danger" faced from this intrinsically peaceful sect of Islam. Instead of displaying sectarian intolera…

Muslims of Mauritius: Challenges Ahead

Mauritius is an island-state situated in the Indian Ocean with a population of over a million,  belonging to numerous ethnic/religious/linguistic groups, including the Hindus, Christians and Muslims. After centuries of colonial mercantile interests that caused and brought about waves of immigration from South Asia and elsewhere, the country today has the Hindus as the largest ethno-linguistic and religious group while the Muslims (at around 2,00,000) constitute a minority with around 17 per cent of the national population. With the attainment of independence from Britain in 1968, the country adopted a secular and democratic Constitutional framework and all social groups, thus, enjoy full freedom of worship and performance of religious rites and rituals. As the dominant community, the Hindus, however, continue to occupy important political and administrative positions and enjoys certain other privileges. On the contrary, the minority Muslim community remains to be on the social periphe…

Mubahila Statement on Nasir Ahmad Sultani

In the Friday Sermon of May 31, 2013, the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius invited Dr. Nasir Ahmad Sultani Sahib of Jamaat-e- Ahmadiyya (Haqiqi)to a Mubahila duel to finally determine the truthfulness of their respective claims. In the aftermath of the Speech, the Sultani Sahib issued his response on June 1, 2013. In the response statement, the Sultani Sahib maintains and continues with his earlier stand of rejecting and vilifying the viewpoint of Hadhrat Khalifatullah (atba) and his claims. Yet, the Sultani Sahib has refused to come in the field of Mubahila now, by raising a revolving door-set of arguments.
Sultani Sahib is absolutely certain that the duration of the Mubahila, according to Islamic teachings, should be fixed 1 (one) year”. According to him, if the period of Mubahila is varied from one year- for instance: say, any period more than one year, including two years- by the parties to the Mubahila for any reasons whatsoever, it would not be pe…