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Friday, January 17, 2014

Ariel Sharon: ‘Troubled legacy of a bulldozer’

The passing of Ariel Sharon, the war criminal-politician of Israel, is a grim reminder of the continuing injustice and impoverishment of the brave Palestinian people under conditions of racial apartheid and colonial enslavement in their own homeland, now known as the Occupied Territories. Sharon literally got away with murder and mayhem he unleashed against countless innocent civilians of Lebanon and Palestine, thanks to the support of the worldly powers that sustained his politics. Yet, he spent his last years of life in this very world in a condition of “neither living nor dead in which no worldly might could be of any help or succour to him.  In an article published in the Hindu Newspaper (India) on January16, 2014, distinguished scholar Vijay Prashad points out that the eulogising pabulum that greeted Ariel Sharon’s death ignored his history as a harsh military leader with a record of many atrocities.
We reproduce the Essay for the benefit of our readers:
The settlements, for Ariel Sharon, were an instrument to make life so miserable for Palestinians that they would eventually quit the remainder of their lands