Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Palestine: Israel's War crimes

Rabbih-kum bil-haqq! Wa rabbunar-rahmanul musta-'aanu 'aala maa tasifoon. 

My Rabb (Lord)! You decide with truth. And our Rabb (Lord) is the Rahman (Most Gracious) whose help is invoked against what you attribute.

The month of Ramadan, as well as the Eid festival and these difficult days witnessed to a deep sorrow for I could not from my mind those pictures of small innocent Palestinian children killed by the Israelite army. During the month of Ramadan I was terribly overthrown with the shocking pictures of innocent children torn down by bombs.

How can we think that is no problem in Muslim countries when each day, in front of your eyes, parents are carrying the coffins of their children? How can we celebrate festivals, eating and drinking and enjoy ourselves when all these people, all these families have nothing to eat and drink, have nothing with which to clothe themselves properly, have no place to accomplish their Salat (prayers) and not even water to drink and make ablution (Wu’zu)? These are mourning days for me. I ask myself how the Nobel Prize could have been given to Barrack Obama who is a passive accomplice of this tragedy! We should have a special thought for all these Palestinians who are being killed daily, dying as martyrs under the bombs of the Israelites. 

There are lessons to be learned from the tragedy of Palestine. While Palestinians are dying without food, their rich Arab cousins ​​in Dubai and Kuwait are competing to build the tallest skyscrapers in the world. Where is the unity of the Ummah ? Arab countries keep a low profile, watching like spectators. Previously it was said that the Ethiopians were searching in garbage cans for food. Today the Libyans, Syrians, despite living in rich countries search garbage cans for food. There is the absolute need to recover the lost unity. Divided like this, the Arab countries are getting trampled upon. I personally cannot help being deeply upset, shocked and confused, throughout the month of Ramadan by the events in the Middle East.

The Israeli barbarism, in response to rockets fired from the Gaza Strip, was expressed by a rain of bombs on whole villages, and resulted in hundreds of casualties among the civilian population. Even women, and especially children, have not been spared. Given this dire situation, the silence of Arab leaders from neighbouring states became deafening, and the timid reaction of the international community, revolting. And the arrogance displayed by Israel because of the strong unconditional support of the United States of America is unbearable. One wonders why so much humiliation? Therefore let’s turn to the Supreme Creator and implore His forgiveness and His mercy. Let us offer special prayers for those families living hell in Gaza.

I feel overwhelmed by unbearable, terrifying, and infinite pain. This is unacceptable! This is intolerable! With the face soaked in tears, (I recall) the vivid images on TV and on the Internet of all the kids covered in blood. This haunts me day and night, I cannot find sleep. I cannot find words to describe this human butchery perpetrated with the tacit complicity of American and Arab leaders. Benyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister presents bogus excuses to kill civilians. He makes the world believe that the Hamas uses children as human shields and hide behind them to fire rockets. This is false, completely untrue! No father will agree to use his child as a shield. Israelis claim they are defending themselves. But how will they explain to the world that since the beginning of the massacre they have killed more children, women and old men?

Benyamin Netanyahu is a liar and a murderer! Israeli soldiers are cowards and are afraid to face the Palestinians on the ground. They use guided bombs and drones. The Israelis have stolen Palestinian land, our land, the land of the Muslims. They surrounded our territory and prevent us from looking for food. Palestinians is forced to dig tunnels in search of food for their families. When I talk about the massacre in Palestine, I am not a racist; it's not just about community, but humanity. Today it is Palestine; tomorrow it may be India or an African country. I condemn the hypocrisy of President Obama concerning his position on the Palestinian conflict with the complicity of Israel; a plot was orchestrated to exterminate the Palestinian people.

Israel is a criminal state and Benjamin Netanyahu should be tried as a war criminal like his predecessor Ariel Sharon. Israel and Benyamin Netanyahu should be dragged before the International Criminal Court for war crimes against Palestinian civilians. The barbaric attack perpetrated by Israel is considered a war crime, because the Tshaal attack is against the people of Gaza. The Israeli army uses planes which drop powerful bombs on inhabited houses. It uses sophisticated tanks and rockets to destroy homes and places of worship with the aim of forcing the people of Gaza to leave the area, to replace them with Jewish settlers.

I ask the Mauritians in general and especially all Muslims around the world to pray a lot for our Palestinian brothers, sisters and children who are in such a difficult position. It touches me deep in the heart and tears roll from the eyes. I thank the government, the opposition and all the people of Mauritius for their support. I appreciate the show of solidarity for the liberation of Palestine.

We implore the Creator for peace to reign in Gaza and the pain of all who continue to be victims of the atrocities of their oppressors be reduced. Before ending with duas I learned in the TV news on Friday 1 August 2014, that according to Gaza emergency services at least 1,442 Palestinians have died since the beginning of the operation of 08 July and more than 5,300 were injured according to Palestinian medical sources and associations.
God already inspired me to write a book about this, about the killing/martyrs in Palestine in 2009, i.e., on 10 Muharram 1430 Hijri. At that time also Israel fired cannons on Palestine. History is being repeated again this year in July 2014.

Now more than 230,000 Palestinian refugees are crammed into conditions of extreme poverty in the 85 centres of the UN agency in Gaza without electricity and with very little water and food. May Allah have mercy on them and grant them the liberalization of the clutches of their oppressors. Ameen.

O Allah, grant us Your blessings wherever we are. Our brothers, sisters and children of Palestine and other Muslim countries are under extreme suffering in the hands of those (disbelievers) who want to destroy Islam, and establish their own laws because they take Islam as a threat and as a religion of terrorism. O Allah, help the body of the Muslims, Islam and consolidate the members of our body and heal us so that we can stay in good physical, mental and spiritual health to restore the glory of Islam around the world, Ameen. 

Extract from the speech of the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius  on Tuesday 05 August 2014 ~ 08 Shawwal 1435 Hijri

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