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SAFAR Zikrullah: March 2003

Islam swears by a Living Allah. He is Merciful and Compassionate and hears and answers the prayers of His servants. Divine Mercy encompasses the whole world. So much so that there has never been any nation that has not received its share of divine guidance. The Holy Qur’an testifies that all communities have witnessed the appearance of Divine Messengers among them. It is an enduring Divine practice that Allah raises His Messengers and servants whenever He finds the community of people in disarray due to lack of unity and real spirituality in society.

There is little doubt among thoughtful people that the Islamic world is witnessing such an era. The signs are unmistakably apparent- obvious to every one except the ones who have veils over their eyes. The fortunes of the Muslim Ummah have touched the lowest ebb. The ravaging of Arab lands- American occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan and the prolonged suffering of Palestine under Israeli colonial domination and the ongoing encircling of Iran, all points to this state of decline and crises. 

Allah raised Musa (as) to take on the Pharaohs of his times. Prayer was his ultimate armament. In an age when everything is upside down, a Man of Allah appears to show the way, to teach the people the real path of sublime spirituality. Such a Servant of Allah seeks the protection against the worst enemies of people through reciting fervent prayers. 

In March 2003, Allah, the Most High guided His Chosen Messenger of the era Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib of Mauritius (atba) to organize a special spiritual retreat- an event that has since come to be known as “Safar Zikrullah”. For a few days, the close disciples of Hadhrat Sahib and some other truth seekers joined him to spend time in Divine remembrance and to offer fervent prayers for the destruction of modern Pharaohs like Ariel Sharon who has since then been reduced by Allah the Almighty to a miserable state in this very life!  Safar Zikrullah is thus one of the most important spiritual events of the last decade.

Beyond the external impact of the prayers of a Man of God manifesting in the world at large, it is remarkable to note that this extraordinary event has had an internal dimension as well. The disciples of Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba), each one of them who attended the Safar Zikrullah Programme, witnessed at their own levels one Divine sign or the other that testified to the veracity of the chosen Messenger of Allah. All Praise belongs to the Almighty Alone!    

The biographical essay on the life and message of Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) contains a narrative on Safar Zikrullah.

Read the relevant extracts:

The revelation to go for a Safar Zirullah was received by Hazrat Munir Ahmad Azim (atba) and therefore in the first week of March 2003, the whole Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen along with Amir’ul Mumineen Munir Ahmad Azim (atba) and Zafrullah Domun Sahib (addressed as ‘Mokarram Zafrullah Sahib’) went for the Safar Zikrullah.

The purpose of the Safar Zikrullah was for Zikrullah and to pray (our greatest armament) for the defeat of the enemies of Islam (Bush, Ariel Sharon etc.) who were fighting against the Muslim countries and killing thousands of Muslims in Iraq, Palestine etc. Allah even revealed duas to recite on this occasion (so that we, the Muslims overcome the enemies of Islam).

Each moment witnessed and lived by all disciples of the Amirul Mumineen were of exquisite nature. They all received signs and divine manifestations in favour of the veracity of the Man of God of this era. They witnessed the descent of revelations in Creole, English and even Chinese (or Mandarin) upon Hazrat Munir Ahmad Azim (atba).

On 08 March 2003, the third night of the Safar Zikrullah, Hazrat Munir Ahmad Azim (atba) supplicated Allah to honour his brother Zafrullah Domun Sahib along with him, and therefore he (Hazrat Munir) without receiving any revelation from Allah, humbly dedicated the title of Amir’ul Mumineen to Mokarram Zafrullah Domun Sahib in a special program with the Jamaat. On the spot, he received divine reprimand whereby Allah told him, who has given him permission to dedicate that title which Allah has given him to Mokarram Sahib?

After much Istigfaar, Allah then turned in Mercy to His Chosen One and told him that He has now accepted his prayers and that now there are to be two Amirul Mumineens, Allah not having annulled Hazrat Munir’s rightful claim to being Chief of the believers, and that just like Hazrat Musa (as) pleaded with Allah to honour his brother Harun (as), therefore the relationship between the two men were like Prophet Musa (the one to get the most vital revelations from Allah) and Harun (as). At another time, Allah even said that the two of them were like twin brothers, the two of them confirming each other and Zafrullah Domun Sahib as being his right hand.

Our brother Late Seid Ahmad was responsible for the audio recording of the event. He was very close to Hazrat Munir Ahmad Azim (atba) and used to be constantly by his side so that he may not miss any divine revelation which may come upon the Chosen Servant of Allah at any moment. Once (during the Safar), after Tahajjud and the Fajr prayers, while the Amirul Mumineen Munir Ahmad Azim (atba) was making a Darus Quran, and talking, with the members all around him, suddenly late Seid Ahmad and other members of the Jamaat witnessed the crashing down from the sky of a piercing light on earth near the place where they were sitting.

Likewise, many more divine signs and manifestations were witnessed by the disciples whereby not only revelations were witnessed, but also such signs as Kashafs (visions), true dreams, seeing the name of Allah everywhere (in Arabic), hearing the voice of angels in the wind and in Salat, witnessing the oozing of perfume from the person and hands of the Man of God (despite strong wind, the perfume becoming much more intense, especially during Salat), witnessing the special meeting of Hazrat Sahib with Allah whereby Allah gave instructions to His Chosen One to come forward for a meeting with Him, and just like Hazrat Musa (as) removed his shoes to meet Allah, Hazrat Munir Ahmad Azim (atba) did just like Prophet Musa (as) after receiving such instruction.

At that time, the members were enjoying a lunch made of Brianni (special dish relished by Mauritian Muslims). When the instruction came, everybody stopped eating and looked forward, seeing Hazrat Munir Ahmad Azim (atba) going to meet and converse with Allah (at a distance). After his meeting with Allah, Hazrat Sahib made a Sijda (prostration), and upon seeing him prostrating, all his disciples also maximised this moment of blessings by prostrating before Allah like him.

It was during this Safar Zikrullah also that he first got the revelation of being a “Muhyi-ud-Din” (Reviver of Faith). The revelations which he got from Allah were read in special sessions presided by Mokarram Zafrullah Domun Sahib. As the revelations were private and confidential (at that moment), therefore these revelations were confided only to the Jamaat members. It was only on 06 December 2003 that this title became official, whereby Allah gave instructions to His Muhyi-ud-Din to proclaim himself as such, and to take Bai’at from all his disciples.

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