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State of the World- 2012: A Grim Reminder

In his first Friday Sermon of the year on January 06, 2012 Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib of Mauritius took stock of the precarious state of the world in general and his country Mauritius in particular. In a succinct statement of extraordinary breadth and depth, the Khalifatullah shares his assessment on virtually all important aspects of national and international life- individual and society, family relations, polity and economy, education, health and finance, war and peace, crime and calamities, etc. It is a grim reminder of the stark realities facing a world that has lost its spiritual vision and ethical grounding.

Read the Extracts from the Sermon:

“I shall now tell you the precarious state of the world – international level: There shall be world financial crisis – depreciation of the Euro – in many countries there shall be riots, strife and national state of war in many countries, especially in the Arab countries – there shall be rivers of blood, the problem between Palestine and Israel shall not alleviate, neither finishing nor stopped, there shall be loss of lives and many buildings shall be damaged.

In Africa, there shall be famine, rise in poverty – creating havoc along with epidemics, and viruses which shall make thousands of deaths. In some countries there shall be more floods and cyclones (hurricanes, typhoons etc.) which shall cause many deaths (where lot of people shall disappear), epidemics, and many buildings shall collapse. There shall also be air-crashes whereby many passengers and the crew shall die.

Pakistan and Afghanistan shall not be spared from the Divine punishment, and even Bangladesh and Kashmir, because of that which they did with the Ahmadis. On the international level, petrol, essence and diesel shall climb up (high prices). Many international companies shall shut down and many people shall lose their jobs. Immorality in all countries, with thefts with violence, crimes filled with violence, rapes, prostitutions, sodomy, abortion, and more devastating marriages between same-sex people (homosexuals).

Great countries which took themselves as the superpowers of the worlds and which used to dominate (arrogantly and pitiably) the other small countries shall be weakened (no more super-powered) and the Divine wrath shall seize them in a hard way. In many countries there shall be increase of fraud, corruption, embezzlements whereby many chiefs of state (of countries) shall go to prison and there shall be some whom their people shall revolt against them. The year 2012 shall also mark the death of world leaders and also religious leaders.

National level (Mauritius):

The year 2012 shall mark more frauds, corruption – ongoing corruption; appalling secrets shall be unfolded, and there shall continue to be protection of “petit copain” (the privileged associates of the Government – especially this present Government).

Health Issues: many shall become sick and there shall be a virus which shall make havoc, with many more sick people; some of them shall die with it. There shall also be a skin malady and a fever which shall make many people suffer.

The prices of commodities (and other services etc.) shall climb up, people shall suffer, people shall become more immerge in debts, many small and medium enterprises shall close doors and many of them shall be indebted (in an exorbitant way) with the Development Bank of Mauritius (DBM). The Government shall so-called lend money to these businesses (small and medium enterprises), but it shall take all from them in such a way that they shall remain indebted.

Mauritius shall have good relations with great countries like China, India and others, as usual, to borrow more money which shall increase the country’s debts. Borrowing money shall be a means for them to make believe that they would need these monies for development of the country, but this shall be a fiasco whereby the debt per head (of the population) and even on the head of unborn children shall not be lessened. The present Government shall accumulate so much debt that the next (future) Government shall have to sit on those hot seats of debts.

Ministers, deputies, and principal permanent secretaries shall continue their abuse of power. The people and the Opposition (in the Parliament) shall only talk, object not no real initiative undertaken to undo the nefarious situations. A bit like: the dogs bark but the caravan goes his way (the barking not having any effects on the caravan and its people).

Municipal and rural (villages) elections shall bring no great change. The Mauritians shall not learn any lessons from the past. They shall vote again the corrupters and frauds, and after election the municipal taxes shall climb up; the counsellors and mayors shall make an abuse of their power. If the Mauritians repeat their same error and vote again the actual Government, then I tell you frankly, 100% sure that they shall suffer all the more, more than the previous years. Therefore they must not complain (for it is them the voters).

Drought in the country shall persist, despite that we shall have rainfall. There shall be big rainfalls and even cyclones. Therefore the Mauritians have to take their precautions. Prices of foodstuffs shall rise up – vegetables, meat, fish, chicken – and Mauritians shall have problems to feed their families. Unemployment shall increase also. Many firms, factories and small businesses shall close down. The price of Fuel (petrol etc.) shall rise. There shall be no real security, despite the number of policemen they may recruit. And despite the many cameras that shall be installed, but people shall not be secure, even at home. There shall be thefts and rapes with violence – many more young people shall fall prey to gambling compared to last year.

In every nook and corner there shall be gambling spots whereby some people would want to have easy money, and when they lose, they commit crimes, stealing to have money to gamble. Gambling money is one very sure source of income for the Government (especially with the “National Lottery”). Instead of discouraging people to gamble, they are encouraging them to gamble. Moreover, they are making money with alcoholic drinks, cigarettes. Thus these evils will increase, as well as drugs. The result shall be that many people shall be jailed and closed in the mental hospital. Indecency shall increase everywhere; women and girls shall have no shame with their attitude, behaviour and the way they clothe themselves (minimal dressing); this shall provoke many rapes.

Education Sector: With the reform which the so-called Minister of education shall implement, there shall be a reducing in the percentage of success in primary and secondary schools exams passes. Mauritians will evolve in a system which promotes hypocrisy, jealousy, hatred, despair and acting without thinking, without pondering over the consequences. There shall also great personalities in the country who shall die. Many people think that the economy shall take off once again, but this shall not be the case. There shall be no big changes, so as not to say that the situation shall be worst.

The Budget of the Minister of Finance shall this time be catastrophic and deplorable, especially for people from the lower (and middle) classes. The Government shall deviate people from the real issues with amusement, concerts and artists from abroad. Construction of roads shall be spent in billions, and the renovation of the SSR international airport also shall cost billions of rupees, whereby Mauritius shall accumulate debts and these “developments” shall not fill the stomach of the hungry (the miserable / lower-class people). Verily, it is not the Government who shall reimburse those debts, but in fact it is the people who shall have to payback.

There shall be talks about security in employment only on the lips; not in practice. There shall be an increase in redundancy of workers in many sectors. The Government officials who occupy key posts in the different institutions shall boast and make the arrogant, like the MBC, as if it caters only for the needs of the Government and Mauritius Telecom along with its Sarat Lallah, the Minister of Technology shall have problems with him. A good friend of Pravind Jugnauth shall have problems with him and leave him (his political party) and shall go wherever there are his best interests.

As you all know, the water fees have increased as from 01 January, despite the period of drought which we are undergoing (whereby there are even people who are not getting any water to use). The 35% increase is already printed in all CWA monthly bills. – The number of accidents shall increase more than last year and there shall be numerous dead people dying in fatal accidents.

The number of divorce is on the increase this year also – women shall get jobs more than men. In all sectors there shall be women working and occupying great posts, even in the Parliament also. There are other things to say around the world and in Mauritius…”

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