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‘Say A BIG NO to Birth Control’

The long term sustainability of the economic development models being pursued by various nations is under a shadow these days with multiple crises-economic, political, social and financial- afflicting even the affluent among the peoples and societies. Instead of addressing the glaring inequalities in income and wealth and the insane disparities in the resource distribution structures that under grid the modern economies, the priority of our finest minds seems to have been diverted to no less a thing than ‘playing’ God. How else would you explain the global focus on ‘birth control’ as the panacea for gross mismanagement of economies/ resource distribution patterns?! Alas, for a world that has lost its sense of proportionality and is out of ‘balance’, flawed logic, warped thinking and anti- natural policies seem to appeal more than ethical concerns.
To contain the many issues emerging out of the inequitable economic and social policies followed thus far, nations seem to have found a magi…

The Other Half of Women’s ‘Freedom’

That sexual permissiveness is morally unacceptable may have been a part of the long-standing common sense in most societies. But, increasingly, such views are being challenged by people who brazenly and wantonly, ‘celebrate’ the cause of individual 'preferences' and identity 'orientations' by arguing that there is nothing deviant in being a homosexual or a lesbian for that matter. The fact is, world over, sexual permissiveness is increasingly gaining societal acceptance and public legitimacy. The language of human rights and basic freedoms are increasingly being deployed for the recognition and in the service of homosexual, bisexual, transgender and lesbian communities and also for legalising abortion and even prostitution. In this twisted world of legality,  the heinous practice of abortion is projected as a mere question of a woman’s basic right to reproductive choice.  Any perceived 'interference' by the society through regulatory laws/rules would be seen as…