Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Reclaim Islam from 'Jihadi' Terrorists

On Monday, 22 May 2017, the city of Manchester (United Kingdom) witnessed a deadly terror attack, claiming the lives of 22 people, including many children and young people; moments after US singer Miss Ariana Grande finished performing, at around 10:30 pm. Investigators have identified the suicide bomber as Salman Abedi, a 22 year-old youth, Manchester-born British national of Libyan-Arab-Muslim-refugee-descent.

Global political fault-lines, especially its searing manifestations in the Arab-Islamic world in recent decades, have created the cult of violence called "Jihadism". Accentuated by revolting political realities such as the prolonged Zionist military occupation of Muslim lands; the strategic and economic subjugation of the Persian Gulf nations by the US-led western powers; the suppression of political and personal liberty in the Arab world by the hedonistic oligarchs working in alliance with their western masters; internecine conflicts forcing widespread displacement of people, rendering millions into refugees and stateless persons- the simmering political conditions in many parts of the world are conducive for the flourishing of extremist ideologies and the radicalization of youth

Likewise, the apparently remote and self-contained western world's 'racist democracies' also face humongous challenges of multicultural integration: their policies are currently designed to discriminate, oppress and ghettoize the non-European peoples among them, especially of the North-African Arab descent. 'The wrenching process of remaking life and society in all their aspects (social, economic, existential) frequently collapses in violence'. Hence, the completely-alienated youths in many of these countries are increasingly drawn to entities such as the "Islamic State" in their quest for seeking 'resistance' and 'vengeance' against the perceived, oppressor "infidels" through all means possible, including 'martyrdom' (Shahada) operations/suicidal attacks. While devout Muslims find the horrific terror attacks completely at odds with the teachings of their religion, the 'material' (and as we shall see below, even the religious and spiritual) explanation for these attacks cannot avoid the role of extremist preachers who 'condition' the mindset of would-be assassins/potential suicide bombers by offering them the deadly cocktail of 'radical' theology as political praxis. 

Mindless violence needs to be condemned, more so in an age of widening rift in inter-community relations. This is regardless of who perpetrated it, or in the name of which group identity- races, tribes, religions, languages, nations, peoples- it was executed. In a message issued on 23 May 2017, the Muhyi-ud-Din Al Khalifatullah of this era, Hazrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius calls our attention to the profoundly negative implications and potentially enormous consequences of such extreme brutalities, being perpetrated in the name of the religion and community of the Muslims, for everyone: the victims; the perpetrators; for wider inter-community relations and social peace; public perceptions on Islam and the Muslims in everyday life settings; and even on international relations.

Hazrat Khalifatullah (atba) addresses all humanity, especially Muslims, on the complex challenges that we face today- in an era of deep sectarian divisions among the Muslims, the hardening of denominational identities leads to much injustice and strife within. The bloodshed and killings are regrettably becoming routinized in many societies- Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan. Among the innumerable sects within the Muslims, interpretational differences over even basic spiritual doctrines abound and the very definition of being 'Muslim' is under intense disputation, with profound implications for the basic human rights and political entitlements of 'legally excluded' Muslim sects and denominational groups, such as the Ahmadis in Pakistan and elsewhere. To establish peace and reconciliation across our multiple divides in society, Muslims need to be role models for others.  In reclaiming the heart of our faith and our own spiritual identity as devout Muslims in this difficult era, Hazrat Saheb (atba) exhorts us to be people who stand in awe of God, and who display the spiritual humility of non-judgmental affection and residual goodwill for all of His creatures-fellow Muslims (of different sects) and the non-Muslims alike. 

Read the Special Statement on the Terror Attack in Manchester Below:  

First of all, in my own name as the Khalifatullah and reformer of this era - for humanity as a whole and particularly for all Muslims - and on behalf of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, I present our sincere condolences and sympathy for what transpired - a really painful event- in Manchester, United Kingdom. It is a very deplorable situation that those who take themselves as great defenders of Islam are in fact doing much harm to the perfect religion which Islam is. They have taken themselves as great defenders of Islam but they have stooped very low in their acts. They have harmed the very religion that Allah has perfected and named: ISLAM.

Islam means a complete submission to the will of Allah, and it means peace and submission. Peace should come first, then submission (to the will of Allah). Islam has never taught/ preached acts of barbarism such as the atrocious acts they have perpetrated (in Manchester, UK). As the Khalifatullah (Caliph of Allah) and the Mujaddid (Reformer) of this era, for me personally, and for my Jamaat (Community) also, and also I am sure for the other Muslims from the other Jamaats, we sincerely and strongly condemn these acts (of terrorism). What happened (in Manchester, UK) is really heartbreaking.

Extremists and the Ideological Perversion of 'Islam'

Those who have perpetrated these attacks are using innocent and ignorant people, those who do not know the Shariah (Islamic Laws). They are those who do not read the Quran and ponder over it (over its beautiful teachings) and they are instead following the instructions of others who are leading them to their own loss and destruction, who are leading them towards a sure chastisement and these people (i.e. the leaders of those heinous acts) are fooling those ignorant people that if they commit such atrocities, then, they will accede to Paradise and their bodies shall be filled with perfume. God Forbid! Islam has never preached such teachings at any time!

The way they present themselves by going forward in their acts of terrorism and barbarism, let it be known that Islam has never taught all this. It is not these kinds of people who had brought the (true) teachings of Islam in this world, and it is not through them (i.e. people like them) that the pure divine revelations have come. Allah had chosen His Nabi (prophet), His beloved Hazrat Muhammad Mustapha (pbuh) and sent down upon him divine messages and revelations and all these revelations had been compiled in book form, chapter by chapter, verse by verse which is today before us as a "Kitabul Munir", i.e. an Illuminating Book. This Book (of Revelations) is meant to enlighten people, not to throw people in pit-holes, or darkness or to instruct people to perpetrate acts of barbarism and take the lives of people!

Had these people (i.e. the so-called Muslims - the terrorists) read the Holy Quran, had they read each verse and ponder over it, then as Allah (twa) says in the Holy Quran, then they would have had the fear of Allah before committing any wrong act; and even to slap someone! But unfortunately that which they have done is most grievous, and this is condemnable in the sight of Allah. Ramadan is fast approaching… do they think that by committing such acts they are enacting a second Battle of Badr in the month of Ramadan? Is this what the month of Ramadan teaches us?

On the contrary, our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) has taught us that when someone is fighting with us, and saying untoward things to us, we need to tell them: "We are fasting". When someone fasts for the cause of Allah, the fast he observes for Allah is like a spiritual bath he takes. From early morning before dawn, he wakes up for his Tahajjud, and afterwards he takes his Sehri (Suhr/ predawn meal) and then prays his Fajr prayers and afterwards reads the Holy Quran, he verily enters a spiritual bath. He should not do such wrong acts - after all the sacrifices that he has done for Allah - as to force Allah to condemn him, be angry with him and reject his fasts.

The Distortion of Islamic Doctrines

Is this the teaching of Islam? Is this what Allah and Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) have said in the Holy Quran and Hadiths/ Sunnah respectively? Have they taught us to behave like terrorists? Never! On the contrary, Islam has always recommended defensive wars and attacks. Islam has ever waged defensive wars. It teaches that when the enemy/ enemies (of Islam) attack, it is then that you should defend yourselves. And even in such wars, there were conditions which the Holy Prophet (pbuh) stipulated. He warned the Muslims not to kill children, women and old people. And moreover, it is forbidden also during these fights/ battles to cut down trees. See the (great) teachings of Islam!

Thus, when you analyse what Allah has said in the Holy Quran and what the Holy Prophet (pbuh) has said, do these tally with what these Zaalimuun (wrongdoers) are doing? Does Islam teaches you to enter a place and bombard it and you along with it, killing your own selves and the lives of many people - innocent lives?

There were many people (in Manchester, UK & the various other places where such atrocities are perpetrated) who died and there were many others who were harmed. What was their fault? Therefore, like we just read from the Surah Al-Arraf (7th Chapter of the Holy Quran), it is Allah the Best Judge. It is Allah who shall judge people. Not you! You have not receive any permission (from Allah) to judge the faith of others, whoever they may be!

Thus, it is Allah Who is the Best Judge. You should not seize these places and make them the targets of your attacks. 

Inviting Negative Perceptions on Islam 

Besides, when you commit such atrocities, you claim responsibility for such atrocious acts as if you have done a marvellous thing! But you do not reflect upon the repercussions of doing all this, how this is affecting Muslims  and Islam as a whole (worldwide, in the different parts of the world), on our brothers, sisters and children. When you are doing all these (atrocious acts) it is not just you who are being blamed. You have invited false conceptions on the teachings of Islam in the minds of people. 

Consequently, people who were attracted to Islam are now afraid to enter the fold of Islam. They now think Islam, not as a religion but as a cult of terror, killing people. In their minds, entering the fold of Islam is synonymous to entering the fold of bloodshed, and fights, for they think that Islam has been promoted through weapons (swords). They get this false conception due to some flags and slogans which some Muslims use whereby they write "Laa Ilaaha Illallah Muhammad Rasullullah" (There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger) and afterwards they inscribe the image of two swords on these banners, flags and slogan. Are swords the symbols of Islam? Is this our symbol? To depict ourselves as holding swords to kill people? Neither the Holy Prophet (pbuh) nor the Mujaddiddin (reformers) who came after him and neither the Promised Messiah, the founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam had taught us this!

On the contrary, Allah has showed us that Islam is such a religion which we need to live in peace and submit to our Creator (i.e., Him, Allah). When others try to harm you, you should show them that you are for peace. It is through peace and tranquillity as well as through love that you can conquer the hearts of people and enable them to listen to the message of Islam, to come to Islam, the universal religion. The only universal and living religion is verily Islam, but through your wrong deeds, you are presenting Islam in a negative way. And this verily creates hatred in the hearts of people against Islam. Have you thus done a good thing? 

Allah (twa) in many places of the Holy Quran says that those who hinder people from the path of Allah, their consequences shall be grievous. And verily perpetrating such acts of terrorism is one of the major ways of hindering people from the teachings of Islam, from the commandments which Allah has put in the Holy Quran. Now people have disgust to even take the Holy Quran and to listen to its messages. It is because of these kinds of imbeciles (foolish people) that people have developed utter disgust to approach Islam, to study Islam and the Holy Quran, to listen to the words of Allah.

'Jihad' versus the Politics of Terror

It is extremely serious that which happened (in Manchester, UK). We strongly condemn this terrible act. Islam never taught (its followers) to do these kinds of acts. Yes, indeed, Islam has preached the Jihad (Holy war) but as a defensive war, when others are coming to attack you (and to finish Islam). Even then, there are rules to be observed in the implementation of Jihad (like I already told you). Besides, there are other Jihads which you must do. You have not been told to seize a sword (or any other weapon) to kill people. You need to do a Jihad (battle) against your own nafs (ego). Like Allah has explained, there are different kinds of Jihad which you must do. So when you go and explode yourselves and kill innocent people, you think that the doors of paradise shall be opened for you? You should have instead done a Jihad against your own selves!

Thus, when they (i.e. the so-called defenders of Islam/ terrorists) are doing all these atrocious acts, they do not realise how much they are negatively affecting Islam and all Muslims. Let me tell you all this today 23 May 2017, that with the way the situation is going, all the non-Islamic countries shall come together (as one body) because you are doing much harm (worldwide). It is true that Muslims have also suffered (and are suffering) enormously at the hands of the non-Islamic countries, but on the other hand, is it for us Muslims to go and perpetrate such acts of terrorism? 

Resistance to Injustice: Islamic Ways

We Muslims should trust in Allah (the Unique God). We have just read in the Surah Al-Arraf where Allah says to place our trust in Him. It is Him (Allah) Who shall deal with them (i.e. those who try to harm Islam and the Muslims). Let Allah deal with them for you do not have the capacity to deal with that whereas Allah is All-Powerful.

Allah teaches the believers to be steadfast, to bear with patience in front of these kinds of people (who harbour hatred against Islam). Allah has provided the greatest armament to combat them, whereas you are taking up other weapons to kill people? Our greatest weapon is our five daily prayers, whereby we turn to our Creator, we seek His help, we ask of Him that which we should ask. You ask Allah to guide you in the Straight path but you are doing such acts which are against the teachings of Islam. You are doing such things which ignite the wrath of Allah, then what Straight path are you seeking?You have instead created hatred in the hearts of all these people, all those nations of the world and moreover, if today the Muslims are acting in this way, it is because there is no unity (among Muslims). There is division which is prevalent.

Deepening Rift among the Muslims

If, like you have seen, Muslims are fighting among Muslims and killing each other, spreading the blood of their brothers and sisters of the same faith (Islam) but then; when the others are observing all this, seeing that Muslims are killing their own brethrens… Do you see others killing people of their own religion despite their various differences of opinions and views on religion? It is indeed only in Islam (i.e. among Muslims) that such atrocities are visible.

It is unfortunate that we, Muslims, the ones who pray to one God, who believe in the Unicity of Allah and proclaim to the world that unicity, are the very ones among whom there is disunity and division and facing such kinds of problems. And on top of that, you are killing your brothers and passing laws to declare your brothers as non-Muslims. You are ever first in labelling others as non-Muslims!

If Muslims are not showing belongingness to their own religion which Allah has given them as a great favour - when He created and made them born and grow up as Muslims - but unfortunately, they are not following these pure teachings of Islam but instead are fighting among themselves. What should have been kept internal to Islam - like parents who shelter their children by covering their faults - but Muslims are openly fighting among themselves and thus creating a wrong image of Islam. Brothers are crushing down their Muslim brothers and sisters, and killing them. When there is no unity and concord, and when each is declaring himself as better and superior to the others, it is then that this had led him to become worse, rotten. The acts which they perpetrated (i.e. the terror attacks) have polluted the ocean and giving away a foul smell which cannot be inhaled. They are such shameful acts.

On the other hand, we (i.e. the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam and the other Muslims) know that Islam is perfect with perfect commandments. And the Sunnah (practice) of our beloved prophet (Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh)) are also perfect. They are not following that perfect model. Don't you see? When you leave the unicity of Allah - despite the fact that you lips proclaim being Muslims while your acts speak otherwise - then definitely there shall be decadence, degradation in your own faith (Iman).

If between Muslim and Muslim, there is no unity, if between Muslim and Muslim, there is hatred, disputes, fights - each killing the other - then what do you expect of their behaviour in the face of the world, throughout the world?

The Denial of Rights of Fellow Muslims

If we take a look at Mauritius itself, we can count the existence of many Jamaats, and the many disputes which exist among them. On top of that, they have the guts to declare their brethrens as non-Muslims and that we cannot go for the Hajj. It is these types of people who are establishing the rules while Allah created this sacred place, the Holy Ka'aba for all humanity. So, you close that door for the others?

Thus, as long as there won't be unity, and we don't forget our differences of opinions and other views, as long as we don't keep these aside, then there shall be no peace and tranquillity. We need to base ourselves - united as one body - on the five pillars of Islam and become strong as one united force, to bring about that peace and tranquillity. It is not through those wrong ways which these (so-called) Muslims are portraying (i.e. through terror attacks) that these ideals shall be achieved. It is not through disunity and separation from one another. It is not through the judging of the faith of others that this goal shall be achieved.

The Bloodshed in Muslim Nations

Let's take the 8-year long war which there was between Iraq and Iran. Eight long years of bloodshed! And the news (through media) on killing and bloodshed comes the most from the Muslim countries, stating that Muslims are fighting and killing among themselves.

Some have even said that Pakistan has declared such and such as non-Muslims, as if Pakistan has got the patent to judge the faith of others. Pakistan needs to deal with its own people there! They need to do their own Tarbiyyat (education)! They need to first of all understand what Islam really means, what Islam really stands for!

Peace and Spiritual Obedience

Islam shall suffer as long as they do not acknowledge that the door of prophethood - of the coming of prophets (non Law-bearing ones) - remains open even after the death of the noble prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh), and shall remain ever open till the Day of Judgement. Allah shall continue to send His Ruh-il-Quddous (Holy Spirit) through His Messenger. There should be a Servant of Allah who comes to unite them (i.e. the Muslims) and to explain to them once again (the teachings of Islam), to regroup them and lead them towards Allah, towards the unicity of Allah (Tawheed) - to make them hold fast to the rope of Allah and to obey Allah and His Messenger (Rasul). Is all that which they are doing (these wrong deeds) called "obeying Allah and obeying His Messenger"? And they think that when they commit such heinous acts, Paradise shall be granted to them? And it is innocent lives who are being sacrificed!

The Hypocrisy of "Jihadi" Leaders

Why do the heads of those (terrorist) attacks don't come personally for this so-called "Jihad" (more precisely, act of terror) as they term it? Why do they send others to do this work? If they were right, they should be the ones to give example, to be role models in this "Jihad". All the Jihad (Holy wars) - ordained by Allah - which the Muslims waged during the lifetime of the Holy Prophet (pbuh), the latter, as the head was present along with the Muslims to wage the (divinely ordained) Jihad, despite his weak condition as there was not enough food for him and the others to eat - he (and the Muslims) had to attach stones on his/ their stomach due to hunger.

We thus illustrate all these anecdotes. So it is really very sad that which happened yesterday in Manchester, UK; not only there, but in all countries, and we completely condemn these acts and we don't know which bell to sound, which word to say so that this penetrates their ears and they change for the best, and they become true Muslims. And along with that, they obey all the commandments of Allah and His Messenger (pbuh). And they give a good example to others and they follow the perfect role model, i.e. Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh).

Muslims should be Role Models

With these kinds of attacks, you can never convince people of the veracity of Islam and lead them to Islam, to the unicity of Allah. It is through love and friendship, without any dispute or fight or killing that you can lead them to Islam. It is through your good conduct and behaviour and service to humanity (all religions) - for you need to respect all religions - that you would be able to conquer the hearts of people. We need to have love for all. This motto (Love for All) should be put into practice. It should not be only on signboards to misguide people on your true face (i.e. when you do such heinous acts to light the fire of hatred in the hearts of people).

On the contrary, Muslims should have been role models, but unfortunately nowadays it is the Muslims who are imitating the culture of others. But this is not the subject of my speech today.

But what happened yesterday in Manchester, in London - and in all countries in the past such as France, and all the other countries of the world - is really condemnable. As the Khalifatullah (Caliph of Allah) and Reformer of this era - whether you believe in me or not - I am only here to pass on the message. I have not come to force anyone, but let it be clear that I strongly condemn that which transpired (in Manchester, UK) and I say it loud and clear that this is NOT the teaching of Islam. Islam has never taught us this - these barbarous acts. On top of that, such barbarous acts which targets the innocents, the women and children - all have lost their lives. Innocent people have died. It is really regrettable whatever has happened. Imagine how painful it is for families of the victims who have been targets of those attacks. A simple pain which touches you, hurts you. Now imagine their pain! It is really sad, especially when you have lit up the fire of hatred in the hearts of all the communities (of the world) against Islam, and the Noble prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) and all Muslims.

Ramadan: Reclaim your Spirituality

Now that the month of Ramadan is coming, you shall keep the fasts, and pray (voluntary) Tahajjud prayers (along with the obligatory ones); you shall give away Sadqua (charity), Zakaat (Obligatory Tax), help the poor - a month full of blessings. 

My advice to you: Ponder over all this before Ramadan comes. Ramadan is coming. Do such deeds which attracts the pleasure of Allah upon you. Don't do such barbarous things which can ruin this month of Ramadan for you. Don't do things which shall attract the wrath of Allah more and more upon you. In which case, your punishment shall be much more grievous than the others. Allah has not told you to do this. The coming month of Ramadan is a spiritual training for you to do acts of worship (for Allah) and this shall be useful for you for the remaining eleven months.

Assalamoualaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakaatuhu

(Thereafter, the Khalifatullah (atba) prays for the victims, for the mercy and forgiveness of Allah upon their souls - they are all the creatures of God - and reassures the world that Islam is not to blame in all this. Just because of some people, Islam is being maligned).