Monday, December 30, 2013

‘The World will Testify to Miracles in My Favour’

In the course of his Friday Sermon of 27 December 2013, the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius mentioned parts of a larger Divine Revelation in French, which Allah (swa) inspired him while preparing the Sermon (on 25 December 2013; AN):

“You should know that in the creation of man God has initiated such a process which wills that man progresses from the animal state to a moral and spiritual state which will give him satisfaction in himself, in his environment and his Creator, God Almighty.

It should be noted here that the idolaters, the so-called scholars and religious people do not represent the law of God on earth. With the help of divine revelation, God raises His chosen servant to guide himself first of all, perfecting him into a creature subject to the will of God who will know how to lead the world tomorrow on the right path.

Certainly it is the manifestation of selfishness and greed that reduce faith to create a spiritual cancer. Humanity, each person takes himself as more superior to the other. God created every human with a goal and inscribed to each his destiny. God also created human relationship and when he (man) meets fellow human beings like himself, there is a satisfaction that is felt as humans all come from the divine essence, at least their souls.

There are some theologians who find themselves in a hole; they do not really know how to achieve the balance that will make a human being complete, a satisfied being in all spheres of his life. Fortunately, in this age, God has sent a small Muhammad who has the courage to say that he comes from God. But unfortunately for some people, they make virulent attacks on the man of God. As a messenger of God with a lamp (light) and whose “Nervous System” (revealed word in English) is illuminated by God, then he feels that those people who do not listen, and turn back to God’s messages, then these people lose from all sides. They do not really live because their faith is in danger. They become spiritually blind, refusing to recognize the servant and messenger of God sent to them in their age to get them out of the state of animal to make them become individuals who are not only educated, but moral and spiritual.

God, Allah certainly directs His messenger where, in what places he has to go to witness the degradation of men. Allah made ​​His messenger see how in the north of Mauritius, the young lead a life of prostitution, a more detestable animal life. As for the messenger, he comes to bring spiritual light. He has the task to deliver the message and people like it or not, but he has the duty to transmit the divine message.

God also informs His chosen servant before the news reaches him from (the part of) men, and tells him what is happening in Europe, how many dead there are with a storm; in France, how many French died.
You are very lucky; to accept a messenger of God is not easy. He comes to transform people to bring them out of the animal state to humanism. Tomorrow shall fade away but the Creator shall never fade away/be extinguished.

With the arrival of a messenger of God to pass the message to the world, with warnings that he gives in ​​His name, then the world will testify to miracles in favour of the Messenger of Allah of this century, and the words that come from his mouth are just words that God inspired him to deliver the message to the world...” 

(Part of the revelation of Allah received on 25 December 2013 in the afternoon).

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