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'Mere words can lead to Sin'

“Verily, Allah is with those who are righteous and those who do good”(An-Nahl, 16: 129).
Without doubt, God is with those who adopt Taqwa, that is, righteousness and with those who do even greater deeds than Taqwa, that is, they are beneficent (being always eager to do good and serve mankind).

The Fine Line between 'Good' and 'Evil'
The meaning of Taqwa is to abstain from wrongdoing in such a manner that even the very fine lines around it are not crossed. Remember, however, that goodness is not that a person should consider himself to be ‘good’ because he has not usurped another’s rights or stolen another person’s property or that he has abstained from lying and adultery. 
Forbidden Love

Remember, even talking such loving words to other persons other than those permitted may make the person incline towards the sin of adultery.It must be borne in mind that such behaviour can become a sin, for Satan seizes every little opportunity to make ʻgood’ become ʻbad’. That is why, eve…

'Live Prudently; Resist Desires'

On Spending Habits

Allah the Almighty has given all people all the necessary with which they can live and seek their livelihood to satisfy their needs. But sometimes the problem that crops up is the desire which man seeks to acquire/ fulfill through show-off and extravagance, which is way beyond his means, or he it may be that he can acquire it through the means which he has at hand but by foregoing something important from his budget. This kind of imbalance begins there itself, for very often he sets off to fulfill his desires to the detriment of much more important and essential things.

Let us take a simple example so that we may understand this. A person can dress up in a convenient and simple way, in cheap clothes. But then he desires to clothe himself in haute couture or clothes of high class and made. This desire propels him to spend more. Thus, he needs to forego more essential needs such as food and drink only to satisfy this desire of his. He, therefore, makes some adjustments …

Inspirational Women from Early Islam

In his special address on the occasion of the Annual Conference of the Siraj Makin (sisters of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam International) at Mauritius on 14th August 2016, the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) spoke profoundly on the critical role of women in the Muslim family and social order. In the speech, Hadhrat Saheb (atba) draws our attention to the exceptional legacy of the inspirational, pious women ancestors of the Muslims at a time the world is virtually bereft of true spiritual role models to look up to and draw energy for engaging with the complex contingencies of our everyday life. 
Many of the women companions and disciples of the Holy Prophet (sa) were blessed with rare common sense and sense of perception, sound judgement and deep understanding, profound faith and courage of conviction. All these qualities helped them to take daring positions at the dawn of Islam's encounter with a decadent Meccan society. History chronicles that the wise opinion…

Divine Will in the Change of Winds

Man's life and his surroundings
A man usually needs his well-being, and he verily cannot get it by himself. Even a king cannot acquire his well-being on his own. He does not become king on his own. He becomes king through people. If there are no people, then what shall the king do? It is a fact that a king very much needs people for his well-being. Someone in Africa or in the wild can seek means and ways to survive, to live his life, but this is not the case for a king. (He is so accustomed to being served by people that) If ever he has to seek a means of livelihood on his own, he shall be able to do so except with much difficulty.
Therefore, a king needs people more for his well-being than an ordinary person. And an ordinary person needs others more than a very poor person. This means that in this temporal world, to seek our well-being, we need other people. That is why we observe that generally speaking, a person seeks means which shall provide for his comfort. If he is famished a…