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Islam: Teachings for a Peaceful World

ISLAM: The Religion of Peace
Islam aims to build a peaceful society at all costs. It is because higher human objectives cannot be achieved in the absence of peaceful circumstances. The spiritual as well as moral progress of the individual is possible only in a peaceful atmosphere. Hence the atmosphere of peace is essential for the building of good society. Academic research too is possible only in peaceful circumstances. The task of the propagation of truth too can be performed only in a peaceful atmosphere. That is why one of the teachings of Islam is reconciliation. Allah says in the Holy Quran:“Reconciliation is the best.”(4: 129)
In this regard Islam enjoins us to establish peace even at the cost of unilateral sacrifice and patience. An event of the first phase of Islamic history provides us with an example of this unilateralism. It was in actual fact a no-war pact which was secured by accepting all the demands of the rival group. 
'Do No Harm to Anyone'
To bring about an atmo…

A Just World under Islam

Working Toward World Peace
Wa laa tufsiduu fil-‘ardi ba’-da ‘is-laahihaa wad-‘uhuu khawfaww-wa tama-‘aa: ‘inna Rahmatallaahi qariibum-minal Muhsiniin. Do no mischief on the earth after it has been set in order and call upon Him in fear and hope. Surely, the mercy of Allah is near to those who do good. (7: 57)
Wa ‘izaa qiila lahum laa tufsiduu fil-‘ardi' qaaluuu ‘in-namaa nahnu mus-lihuun. And when it is said to them, ‘Create not disorder in the earth’ and they say, ‘We are only promoters of peace.’(2: 12).
It is no longer a secret that in this age of science and technology, man has the capacity to destroy this earth many times over. If mankind wants to avoid this catastrophe then it can do so only by adopting the Islamic teachings which are based on the concept of a lasting universal peace. In fact the religion of Islam is the only faith which has severely condemned any activity which is likely to disturb peace. From the verses of the Holy Quran which I have recited in the beginning,…

Global Corruption and Political Ferment

“Let Go of Corruption & Embrace True Devotion!
“Corruption has spread on land and sea of what men’s hands have wrought, that He may make them taste (the fruits) of some of their doings, so that they may turn back (from evil).”(30: 42)
“The Hour has drawn nigh, and the moon is rent asunder.”(54: 2)

The centuries prior to the advent of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) witnessed a steady decline in human affairs. Looking back, worsening political and social conditions are apparent on an international scale in the histories of nations situated in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and the Arabian countries. Such times witnessed also the advent of prophets, reformers and Warners to give an alert to the situations prevailing in religious, human and even political affairs. These days even the islands are not spared from these degradations and sorrowful states. Mauritius, despite being a Paradise Island has also been infected with these kinds of corruption, in every field.
The Holy Quran as a val…

Massih Maoud Day @ Mathra Masjid

Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam- South Kerala organized a Spiritual Gathering of its members at Noor’ul Islam Masjid, Mathra, 24-25 March, coinciding with the Massih Maoud Day 2016. Brothers from Alappuzha, Tamil Nadu and also from Delhi, reached ahead of the commencement of the Two-Day programme. As a community of people with shared interests and concerns, common goals under the banner of Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, the Get-Together was indeed an opportunity for soul-searching and critical self-reflection, to ruminate on the challenges of spiritual transformation entailed by the Bai’at with the Imam (atba).

During the Two Days, members engaged in extended conversations, discussing the internal and external challenges of being a believer in a world that is largely indifferent to Tawheed. On the first day of the meeting, Mukarram Amir Jamaluddin Sahib presided over the Inaugural session. Salim Sahib of Alappuzha offered a welcome note to the gathering- pointing to the years of progress we have …

Terrorists, Islamophobes and Our Faith


Asad Shah Murder and the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya

The Murder of Asad Shah Sahib
Before ending my sermon today (Khutba Jumu’ah), I would like to say few words on Syead Asadul Islam Shah Sahib who was murdered March 24 last. He was born in Rabwah on 31 January 1976 (he just reached his 40 years) and he was the son of Syead Naeem Shah who was a Pakistani. Asad Shah Sahib did his FSc at the Nusrat Jahan Academy in Rabwah and his family went to establish in Glasgow, Scotland in 1998. He had a business which he ran and was regular in his financial contribution in the Jamaat (Ahmadiyya), and I have even learnt that he was in Wassiyat and that according to the Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, he was regular in Ijtema and Jummah.
Motive Behind the Murder

That imbecile who stabbed and killed him 30 times with a kitchen knife was 32 years old Tanveer Ahmad, an extremist who worked as Taxi driver. (Inset on the right: first pictures of the accused Tanveer, who made a public statement on his responsibility for the murder). He confessed to killing Asad Shah Sah…

'Show Prudence, Be Good and Do Good'

Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam- Kerala (India)organized a special Spiritual Gathering of our members at the historic Noor'ul Islam Masjid, Mathra on March 24-25, 2016- coinciding with the the august occasion of the Massih Maoud Day
Hazrat Muhyi-ud-Din Al Khalifatullah Munir A. Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius issued a special message of advice for the benefit of all those who gathered there on the occasion. In his message, Hazrat Khalifatullah (atba) underscored the historic responsibility of our Jamaat to restore the true spiritual order of Islam in an age in which all ethical values and religious teachings are trampled to dust and the great legacy of Divine servants destroyed from within by their own so-called disciples and followers. As the momentous task of upholding the Torch of Truth and illuminating the world with the Light of Faith requires extraordinary patience and sustained hard work over a long period of time for the desired transformation-"arise and create a new world&q…

The Meaning of 'Khatam-an-Nabiyyeen'

The Dogma of 'Khatme Nabuwwat'
On Saturday 26 March 2016 after Salat-ul-Zuhr, a non-Ahmadi Muslim friend gave me a Muslim newspaper (STAR​​No. 1625) dated 21 to 27 February 2016 wherein was written an article at page 30 on the Seal of Prophethood (part 4). An Imam spoke of the agreement by all the Ulema of the Ummah on the issue. When we look at this clause, we see that from the first century until today, in each successive generation, in the entire Muslim world, in every country, theologians are unanimous on this point that after the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) no one can be a prophet, and if someone claim the right to this post/ status or one who believes in such claimant, is a Kafir (infidel) and out of the pale of Islam. 
Then, the Imam in question reproduced the following evidence, namely the views of these theologians:
1.Hazrat Imam-e-Azam Abu Hanifa (ra) [80-150 AH] said (like I told you last Friday): “La Nabi Ba’adi” (No prophet after me).[Manaqib-ul-Imamul Azam A…