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Why A Divinely-Elected Imam Now?

The Advent of Divine Elects
The main reason for the arrival of new non- Law-bearing prophets in the Muhammadan Ummah (pbuh) is that Islam came for the whole world and must be propagated. And for this important work two arrangements are necessary: first the internal reform among Muslims (i.e., the strengthening of their faith in Islam), and second, the spread of Islam around the world. These two needs cannot be achieved without strict discipline, a leader, an Imam.
In the Quran, Allah (swt) talks about this discipline in these terms:
“Allah would not leave the believers in that (state) you are in (presently) until He separates the evil from the good. Nor would Allah reveal to you the unseen. But (instead), Allah chooses of His messengers whom He wills, so believe in Allah and His messengers. And if you believe and fear Him, then for you is a great reward.”(3: 180).
Here it is said to the believers: Oh you who claim to have faith, as long as there shall be no difference between the good and…

Divine Favours on Abraham's Family

“The religion of your father Abraham; He (Allah) named you Muslims.” (Al-Hajj 22: 79).
Favours: Temporal and Spiritual
O Muslims! Remember that we are the promised children of Abraham (as). There are great promises of God concerning us. God has made us the best of all (Khairi Uman). He gave us until the end of days the development of temporal favours in the form of royaltyand also the development of spiritual favours in the form of prophethood, for we are the seed of Abraham (Ibrahim).
God had kept His promise to Abraham’s posterity from the branch of Israel (Jacob / Yaqub) as long as they did not become evil, and thus the system of royalty and that of prophethood were reserved for him. 
Divine Favours change Trajectory
But when they became wicked, God changed the trajectory of His Light and (while still holding firm to His promise to Abraham) gave that favour to the posterity of Ismailwhere we had the Rahmatul-lil-Aalameen (blessing for the entire universe) to bless all nations and whose c…

Divine Elects and the Light of Revelation

« Wa immin Ummati illaa khalaa fihaa Naziir. » There is no nation but has had its Warner. (Fatir 35: 25)
As Allah (swt) is the Lord of all mankind, He has equipped all humans with the power to think for themselves. And thus, He could not deprive any nation of His guidance. Like the verse of the Holy Quran which I have recited before you, in which it is said:“There is no nation but has had its Warner”.
Allah (swt) has sent His messengers among all nations and in all ages, and like the sun lights up the whole world, the light of revelations has ever lit up the darkest corners of the earth. If today we cannot discover the light of revelation among a particular people, it does not mean that no prophets have appeared among them, but the truth is that these people have allowed their national traditions and faith to die out.
Over time, most people believed that (divine) revelation was limited to the founders of their respective religions, and even those who believed that divine revelation was giv…

God Speaks Today: 10 Reasons

If God spoke to His servants in the past, why does He not talk to them now? If He used to send His guidance in times of trouble, doubt and bewilderment, why does He not open for men the door to His guidance today? Does this mean that all religions are corrupted and cannot find any truth, and thus we cannot get any results by following any one of them; or is it possible that the true religion exists on earth, but men do not follow its teachings and therefore cannot make any progress in the spiritual realm?
Whatever opinion we espouse, the following question shall always be asked: why did God not reveal a new religion if He thought that the world needed one; and if He had already given His guidance to be followed and that people have not heeded it, why did He not raise a reformer to guide them on the right path so that they can enjoy His proximity and thus achieve the purpose of their creation?
It’s unbelievable that a Merciful and Loving God remains unmoved at …

Report on the Fifth Jalsa in Kerala

Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam Kerala organized its Fifth  Jalsa Salana at Noor'ul Islam Masjid, Mathra, 22-23 December 2015Alhamdulillah.

    Brothers from Alappuzha and also from Delhi, reached ahead of the commencement of the two-day programme. Members listened to speeches and engaged in extended conversations, discussing the finer points of being a believer in these difficult times where the world around us is largely indifferent to Tawheed and all that it entails in our private lives and public conduct. As a community of people with shared interests and concerns, common goals under thebanner of Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam and the Imamat of the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius, the brothers and sisters viewed the get-together as an opportunity for soul-searching and critical self-reflection.
On the first day, all brothers and sisters collectively offered the Tahajjud prayers and it was followed later by the Namaz-e-Fajr.  Mukarram Amir Jamaluddin Sahib c…

On Celebrations: 'Halal' and 'Haram'

End of Year Festivities”:
Like you are aware, the year 2015 is coming to a close. We are living the last days of the year 2015 and particularly the month of December. The month of December is also a month known as the month of festivities. Many people make therein provisions for celebrations and amusement. The public, private and industrial sectors which all their companies organise end of year parties and this applies also for individual family units who organise Christmas parties (today is Christmas) and end of year festivities.
In such situations, a Muslim must take precautions to preserve his faith, and not to abandon the teachings of Islam and the perfect role model which Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) represents. It is not forbidden to have lunch or dinner between friends and office colleagues, in any workplace (which is licit for a Muslim), but it is strictly forbidden for a Muslim to associate himself with illicit/forbidden things and practices. And especially in end of year parties wh…

15 Years of Divine Manifestation

On this festive day of New Year 2016, I offer a prayer to the Creator of the universe for all mankind: 
“O my God,  You were with us and You strove for us even before we do so with ourselves; also be with us since we are as You were with us even before our existence!  Clothe us with Benevolence (Lutfika) and come to us with Your love (Atfika) and Your Majesty (Janaabika).  Bring out of our heart the darkness of self-will and let shine in our secret (Sirr) the light of surrender to You!  Make us contemplate the excellence of Your choices so that what You demand and what You choose for us may become more beloved to us than the choices we could possibly make for ourselves. Ameen!”
Today January 1, it’s been 15 years since the late 4th Caliph of the Ahmadiyya movement based himself on a report of hatred and jealousy of his ex so-called Amir to believe that two people were creating fitna(disorder) in the Ahmadiyya movement in Mauritius and that the system of Khilafat (Caliphate) was in danger. A…